Head Shots and Corporate Portraits

Everyone needs a great headshot - whether corporate, theatrical or personal.

Whatever your job, you need a professional headshot for your website, advertising needs, publications, business cards or online profile. Whether you are a doctor, author, actor, CEO, realtor or personal assistant, you should have a professional headshot to represent you.

If you are looking for work, it's even more critical to get a headshot that makes you look your best.

We shoot in our studio in Bowral or we can come to your place of business - a great option if you have several associates needing headshots.
We can also shoot environmental portraits for your company or photograph for annual reports or catalogs.

We give you full usage rights to all your images for an affordable shooting fee. Give us a call to find out how we can best serve your photography needs.

Preparing for Your Shoot

Head shots are needed for all sorts of reasons - business cards, web sites, model/actor/nusician folios. Get all the details on our Head Shot service and how to prepare for the shoot

In order to get the most out of your shoot it's important to think about it a little in advance - here are some ideas:

Corporate Head Shots

Think about what you are going to wear - what does your company require you to wear for a busines headshot? Are you looking for something very formal and buiness-like or a more relaxed shot. To get the most use out of your headshot, consider getting a formal and a casual shot - you are welcome to bring a change of clothes to the shoot.
Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean and well-pressed. You are investing in a great headshot, make sure your clothes look as good as they can.

As the name implies, a headshot just captures your head and shoulders, so your neckline becomes very important. A round neck can make your neck look shorter and a V neck can lengthen it. If you plan to wear a shirt and tie, make sure it fits well as a tight collar will look awkward.

A solid colour will give a strong look, but make sure you choose a colour that suits you - ask for advice from friends and family if you are not sure. Avoid busy patterns, as they will take the emphasis away from your face. Make sure you choose something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing as that will translate in the image. A white shirt can be hard to photograph, especially if it's paired with a black jacket - try to select tones that are a close in range.

Men should get a haircut a week before the shoot if possible, to avoid that 'just trimmed' look. If you are coming in the afternoon and tend to have a heavy shadow, feel free to bring shaving supplies, as you are welcome to use our bathroom.
Women should apply make-up as you would normally, but bring it with you for touch-ups, along with any hair products you use.

Creative Head Shots

Your headshot is your whole image and if you are an actor, musician or model, it will be the way people remember you. It is your opportunity to express your unique look and personality.

Choose clothes that your are comfortable wearing, but make sure they are clean, not wrinkly and not old or frayed. You may think you look great in that old t-shirt, but a photograph will show every flaw, bobble and speck of dust. Although we can retouch it, you don't want to deal with it in every image!

As with any photograph, think of the colour and neckline you are choosing. Look at headshots you like and think about what they are wearing. Ask friends and family what looks good on you. Maybe bring what you would wear to an audition or to a performance.
Remember: it is about your face, your image and your personality. Avoid logos and text on your shirt. If you are getting a full length or three quarter shot, consider your whole outfit, including shoes.

For a really strong result, you may want to get hair and make-up professionally done before your shoot. If you want to have your hands in the shot, get your nails done ahead of time too.
You can bring 2 - 3 outfit changes so we have some options for your shoot. If one outfit isn't working, we can try something else.

Head shot samples

I do need a headshot!

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